• Rully Mochamad Ichsan, SS.,MM Rully STIE PASIM SUKABUMI


Effect of Work Environment, Employee Performance


This research was conducted at PT Glostar Indonesia Sukabumi. The purpose of this study was to determine the Work Environment and Employee Performance of PT Glostar Indonesia Sukabumi and the influence of the Work Environment on Employee Performance of PT Glostar Indonesia Sukabumi. The research method used is associative descriptive method. The study population was all employees of the Production Section of PT Glostar Indonesia Sukabumi as many as 1,428 people, while the sampling technique used the stratified random sampling method, with the technique of withdrawing the sample amount using the Slovin formula method (Sevilla, Consuelo G. (2007) with a margin of error of 10%, so that the number of samples was 93 samples. Data collection techniques using instruments in the form of a questionnaire, for the variable Work Environment and Employee Performance with ordinal scale using a Likert scale. The instruments were tested with reliability and validity test. The research data were analyzed descriptively with frequency and associative test with the coefficient of determination and Simple Linear Regression Analysis. The results of the study show that: (1) The Work Environment is measured by 14 indicators, and only 12 indicators can be analyzed further, from 12 indicators only 11 indicators are considered good by respondents (2) Employee Performance d measured by 6 indicators, and only 3 indicators are rated well by respondents, (3) Work Environment has an influence on Employee Performance as indicated by the coefficient of determination of 57.46%, meaning that an improved Work Environment will improve the effect of 57, 46% towards the increase in the Performance of Employees in the Production division of PT Glostar Indonesia Sukabumi. The regression equation for the Work Environment on Employee Performance is Y = (-0.567) + 1.088X, meaning that if the Work Environment is getting better or going up by 1 point, Employee Performance rises by 1,088 points. The t value is 11.666 and based on the t distribution table, the t table value is 1.986 because t arithmetic> t table is 11.666> 1.986 then the statistical hypothesis formula shows H1 is accepted which means the Work Environment at PT Glostar Indonesia Sukabumi has a positive effect on the performance of PT Glostar Indonesia's employees Sukabumi